Personalized Coaching

We specialize in ONE-ON-ONE personal training. Not only can we help you carve a rock solid body with nutrition and exercise coaching, but clients seek us out to correct mobility and flexibility deficits. We have a history of helping clients repair and rehabilitate issues that medical specialists could not. This is really a passion of ours. If you have a history of injuries and haven’t had any results anywhere else, please contact us. We would love to help you!!

“It was truly a pleasure to have met and trained with Aric. I worked with Aric the day before my friend’s wedding for a private Gymnastic Bodies workout and it was just the right amount of challenging. Wish I lived in the area so that I could work with Aric to meet my long-term fitness goals! He’s an incredible trainer and person– hire him, you won’t be sorry!”

Annie B.

Lost 40lbs through a great nutrition and exercise plan. It was the key to me beating a threatening health issue. In addition to being in good health, I am getting stronger and more flexible every week!

Brendan Williams