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  • What Shitting All Over The Himalayas Taught Me…

    This pic was taken at the height of one of my Ulcerative Colitis flairs in 2010, while I was still working as a FF/Medic 🚒🚑. Up to that point, I was sitting on the toilet up to 100x/daily, bleeding ulcers and all 🙁. I was squeezing a medicine bottle up my ass every night before […]

  • One Thing You Need For Mobility….AND Happiness

    You NEED more rotation in your lives. I mean seriously, your physical future health depends on it. These aren’t fear tactics I’m sprouting. Most of you are stuck in one or two planes of motion. We move in 3 dimensions. Do the math. So what happens if you keep doing what you’re doing without adding […]

  • Desk Jockeys Beware- 7 Tips For A Healthier Desk Life

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably sitting down, hunched over, with shoulders a little bit too close to your ears. You’re shrugging when you don’t have to. You look at your phone…A LOT. The problem isn’t the phone itself. It’s how you are looking at it. It’s really how you’re looking at almost everything- phones, […]