Social Distancing Guidelines


1. MASK ON THE ENTIRE TIME- of course, if you need a breather, that’s fine. But do so in your own space, face away from another person ✅. 

2. Shoes OFF (please only touch the insides of your shoes with 3 fingers) & put away, GRAB towel, head DIRECTLY for the bathroom to wash hands- the lights should always be on💡✅. 

3. If you need to do anything else besides washing hands (💩💦), close door AFTER washing them please- it ensures that all touchable surfaces remain clean 🧽✅. 

4. Use the towel for your own drying needs, including sweat. If you need another towel, please feel free to grab one after tossing the used one in the hamper by the door 🙂✅. 

5. Please, no more than ONE ☝🏽 person down the hallway at a time 🙏🏽. If you see someone coming toward you, step into ONE of the SIX doorways or spaces that we have available 🙌🏽✅.

6. If you need anything else, just ask 🗣😎✅.